Creating Strong Branding and Market Positioning Strategies in Bangalore

Every company needs to spend some time to decide their branding and positioning i.e. how they would like to be perceived by their target market segments. Are you looking for branding and market positioning in Bangalore? We help companies create winning strategies to successfully establish their brand in the target market. This involves determining which markets to serve, competitors existing in those markets and how to differentiate from those competitors. Next, companies need to consider how they wish to be perceived by market segments, understand how they are currently being perceived and take the necessary steps to close any gaps.

Designing a Winning Strategy for Branding and Market Positioning in Bangalore

1. Identification of Target Market Segments: Market Positioning involves establishing/claiming a position or a reputation for a company, product or service in the target market. We help companies first identify the markets to be served - local, regional, national, and international, and then geographically segment them based on factors like age, occupation, income, gender, etc. Once segmented, we design marketing programs to reach out to each segment.
2. Competition Analysis and Differentiation: Market Positioning also involves differentiating your product or service offerings from those of the competitors. We help companies learn about their competitors and identify how they can claim a different position for themselves in the target market.
3. Branding/Product Identity: Once the desired position is established, we help companies establish and strengthen brand identity. Companies need to identify how they wish to be perceived by their target consumers and then take steps to influence their perceptions.
4. Claiming a Brand Position: We help companies claim a brand position based on their activities and actual performance. It is consistency in the image conveyed to the target audience over time that will help a company effectively claim a brand position.