One of the Best Corporate Event Management Companies in Bangalore

Being one of best corporate event management companies in Bangalore, we hire only expert event planners at Ministry of Events who have vast experience in managing all types of corporate events and conferences in Bangalore and anywhere in India. We have strong connections with corporate venues across India that provide us the best rates for organizing any event. From creative planning to theme development to stage management and guest management, our expert event planners really know how to do it all! We also provide full support to your existing team to assist them in taking care of every detail, so that you can focus on your guests and attendees.

Big or Small, We Make Every Event a Grand Success!

Many of the conferences that we plan are either one-day events or multi-day events that comprise of several sessions and workshops, tea and lunch breaks, smaller group sessions, panel discussions, etc., as well as a special dinner and entertainment night. The size of the event can vary depending on your needs. Conferences could be either smaller, company-specific, or a large city/state/national level event. Whatever may be the size, we make every meeting a success by utilizing our decades of experience in organizing custom corporate events nationwide.

Our full range of Corporate Event Management Companies in Bangalore include:

  1. Event planning, design, and Theme development
  2. Venue sourcing and booking
  3. Registration of Attendees and guest management
  4. Stage design and management
  5. Floor plans
  6. Event marketing and social media management
  7. Collateral design, backdrops, standees, etc.
  8. Security arrangements
  9. Sponsorships management
  10. And more!

Are you planning a corporate event soon? There may be several other corporate event management companies in Bangalore, but to achieve best results, go with Ministry of Events. We are proud of the high quality work that our event planners produce and manage seamlessly.