At Ministry of Events, we consider the arrangements of live shows as our specialty. Our team of professionals has the necessary experience in arranging grandly successful shows. The setup of a musical show requires arrangements for sound and lighting. The same goes for dance shows. We can offer any kind of lighting services setup that you want at the show.

Discussing the nature of lighting & sound at the show is our top priority because the lights & sound are essential to create the right ambience. After all, the lights & sound for a Rock show and that of a Classical Music program are different! So, we would listen keenly to your requirements and then suggest the right solutions. You can trust on our expertise to see your live show be a grand success.

You can also entrust us with printing the tickets and the visiting cards. We can provide customized ticket designs for your show. Although live shows usually do not need arrangements for refreshments, yet if you require the same, we are game.